Senseless Vandalism 

Senseless Vandalism

I've been putting off telling this story. I guess I've been hoping that I would somehow awaken, from what to me is a bad dream, and it wouldn't have really happened.

On the way to the Winchester High on the Hog cook-off in Winchester, TN we stopped overnight in Florence, KY and spent the night at a motel. We really wanted to stay at the newly built Best Western, but it was late at night and there was no parking available for our bbq trailer, so we had to settle for an old run-down motel across the street.

Somehow overnight, a not-so-nice person decided to take a stick or other object and put a scratch down the entire side of our brand new 16 ft Doolittle tandem axle trailer, that hadn't even been used yet.

It never ceases to amaze me how mean and hateful some people can be. Senseless vandalism of someone's property is unforgiveable. It has never in my 37 years occurred to me that vandalizing someone's property is an acceptable activity.

I just don't understand some people. Maybe I'm just getting cynical.

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Comment Brian and Linda, We used your rub on the chicken catagory in Carmel, and got a 4th. Don't get real proud yet, because I did al lot of other things to the meat. I used my rub on the beef brisket, and also got called up to the stage on that. Congrats on the rib entry! My ribs were so so, but my butt sucked. Nice to meet you and Linda, yoru are both great people on a BBQ mission! Steve and Linda ZZ-QUE

Sun May 21, 2006 5:12 pm MST by ZZ-QUE

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