BBQ Smokers 

BBQ Smokers

A lot of people ask me about smokers.

I've got three of them: a custom made McCullough 2 x 2 upright water smoker with 5 cooking grates and commercial door latches, a Backwoods Smokers Party model upright water smoker, and a Weber Smokey Mountain water smoker. For the money, it's hard to be the Weber Smokey Mountain, affectionately known as the WSM or bullet smoker.

It looks like R2D2, but turns out some unbelievable bbq, if used correctly.

It's a versatile smoker and perfect for beginners. With two cooking racks you can easily cook up to 4 pork butts, 2 briskets or about 6-8 racks of ribs without too much difficulty (more with a rib rack). I started with a WSM and cooked on it a couple times per month before I started competing and still use it today.
Whether in competition, or in the backyard...the WSM is a quality smoker for a low price.

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Comment I have seen them used at contests. A cook team I am familar with used the Big Green Egg a few times for contests, but switched to using their Lang 84 exclusively and they started winning grand championship honors. I have never used one myself and don't own one. I am sure they are fine cookers. Maybe someone else that has used them a lot will post their opinion.

Mon Apr 25, 2005 5:08 pm MST by The BBQ Guy

Comment Have you had a chance to try out the Big Green Egg? Dr. BBQ promotes the heck out of it. I'm interested in knowing if anyone's got some stories to share about it.

Sun Apr 24, 2005 6:13 pm MST by Nick

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