Whole Brisket 

Whole Brisket

I just picked up a 11 lb Certified Angus Brisket (CAB) brisket on Thursday evening. I plan on cooking it this weekend. I think the CAB is better for competition, but sometimes I've had to cook non-CAB "Choice" packers and flats. It pays to call ahead for the CAB, because there is certainly a noticeable difference.

We're tuning up for our first contest scheduled for Winchester, TN the weekend of April 20.

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Comment I live in Michigan and I have been buying single CAB briskets for $3.99/lb at my local butcher. When I buy them 2 or more at once, I get a discount which works out to about $3.29/lb.

Tue May 31, 2005 4:13 pm MST by The BBQ Guy

Comment just curious....what is the price difference for the briskets? I was kinda surprised when I went to the butcher and he wanted $4.29 lb for a brisket....thought it was supposed to be a cheap cut of meat...dang, I could by 4 pork shoulders for that price and it wasnt even angus certified! ouch....

Tue May 31, 2005 10:44 am MST by Steve

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