BBQ Trailer 

BBQ Trailer

I am getting a little anxious waiting for my new cargo trailer that will be converted into a competition bbq trailer. I ordered it in December and it should be delivered any day now. I will post updates and pictures on the progress here on the blog. Stay tuned.

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Comment I've got a line on a brand new triple sink for $350 and a separate hand wash sink for $75. We're going to pick them up tomorrow. We're finishing up the insulation and white board tomorrow and then putting in some cabinets over the weekend. I don't have a pictures yet, but I'll post a few when the trailer's done.

Thu Mar 10, 2005 5:43 pm MST by The BBQ Guy

Comment I haven't put the interior in it yet. The trailer just arrived at the dealer this week and we're picking it up on Monday. It's a 16 ft trailer with a concession window, RV door, two RV windows on the street side. It's not hard to see how people can put $25,000 in a concession trailer that has all the bells and whistles. I'm not building a trailer for concession vending at this point, but we can modify it for that if we decide to go in that direction. We need something that makes it a little easier to compete in bbq cook-offs. We used to live in Florida and competitions were plentiful near our home, but now we're going to be driving 7-9+ hours to most events from our home in Michigan. We started with just the basics for a couple years and now we're moving into a trailer that will offer much more flexibility down the road. We should get many years of service out of the trailer.

Sat Feb 26, 2005 3:58 pm MST by The BBQ Guy

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